Ross Howard Spencer - Digital Preservation Analyst and Software Developer

So… the guy on the left? That’s the face I see staring back in the mirror each morning. I know, scary right?

My name is Ross Spencer. Those who know me will do so as an extremely extroverted introvert. Passionate about my work, my friends and my interests.

There are some facts about me you might want to know from more professional blogs, but you can read the corporate stuff from my LinkedIn pages linked to, quite conveniently, above.

At the moment I work as a Digital Preservation Analyst at Archives New Zealand.  I’m passionate about computing and programming. I keep a keen eye on digital culture until such times as when I’ll consider popping back into a text book to read and possibly write some more about it.

This blog exists because there aren’t any other mediums for some of the words written here. Some words are too banal to appear in journal articles, others too low level, and others really too esoteric. What I do know is that most of the time they’re better written down and published somewhere than swimming around the great oceans of the hippocampus.

I’ll do my best to keep it original if you keep giving me nods here and there on twitter. Please do follow me @beet_keeper.

Why exponentialdecay.co.uk …

Legacy. I chose the name many moons ago when trying to come up with good ideas for naming my personal website (read: cool, edgy, distinctive!). Then I moved into digital preservation and for me it became a slightly ironic commentary on a situation we’re trying to avoid… not much more than that really.

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