Digital Preservation: The Job Application

Digital Preservation: The Job Application

I recently, applied for a pretty cool role in digital archiving and digital preservation. Applying for the role and considering its different and far reaching implications was a rewarding process, so much so, I wondered if it might be useful to share some thoughts along with the letter and experience forms I sent through (NB. Position and organisation redacted).

I always find that applying for jobs and preparing for interviews helps me to focus my ideas. It reminds me of some of my achievements; it helps to direct my energies and where I want to go. When I get back into work on a Monday morning, some of what I discover in developing an application gets immediately wrapped into what I will do daily and how I will try to lead my work, from within, and by example.

The process is not all positive. It is emotionally draining, you have to question all facets of your life as well. And for me it becomes harder to be publicly open and transparent with colleagues in the field – you may even find me a little quieter on forums I feel are important to our work (Twitter!), these are often important support networks as well.

I didn’t get the position in the end but the notes I wrote to the organisation back in February become part of my own personal, and ‘digital’ strategy for the year. The words I wrote were just an evening’s work but are the result of eight years in the field proper and the influence of a great number of individuals who helped put me in a position to even interview.

I am very grateful for that.

Spencer, Job Letter February 2017


Spencer, Job Experience February 2017