International Journal of Digital Curation: The Skeleton Test Corpus

Published! The Skeleton Test Corpus

A short blog today. On 20 June 2013 my project for 2012 was completed. That is, my paper presenting to the digital preservation community The Skeleton Test Corpus was published in Volume 8 of the International Journal of Digital Curation.

The publishing of the paper was a nice way to round of a hectic number of months after my departure from The National Archives, emigrating to New Zealand and beginning work in my new role as Digital Preservation Analyst at Archives New Zealand.

The paper can be found here

Please as you read it, feel free to post on this blog any comments that you may have.

It bears repeating the same message of gratitude I leave at the end of my paper thanking Richard Brennan and Nicki Welch at The National Archives. Further a good friend and colleague David Clipsham for his support leading up to the conference and during my wait for news about my emigration. Gratitude also goes out to the countless others who have supported me over the last few months. I hope that my support will be equally helpful should it ever be called upon.

For those interested in the project please take a look at the original posts; the Prezi presentation and the YouTube video from the conference itself.