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2015: A Year in Binary

Quietly over new year my second binary numbers project completed.

The project was my first ever Twitter Bot and its inception was simply about having fun playing with numbers and image generation. A bonus was a simple subversion of the idea of a Twitter avatar seeing it change daily through automation rather than using it as a single static representation of a user.

After generating a year’s worth of avatars it was my intention to see them exposed as a single GIF representing the 365 days that had passed. In 2013 and 2014 it wasn’t possible to do this due to Twitter API and Python library issues but 2015 worked almost entirely without flaw. The result is shown below:

2015: A year in binary.

2015: A year in binary.

There isn’t much to say about the completion of the project. The avatars will continue to change daily and I would like to source another set of palettes and patterns to explore image generation with. If readers of this blog have suggestions then let me know in the comments section or say hi to me on Twitter: @beet_keeper.

The completion of the project does mean that one can reflect back on the year that was. My summary: rollercoaster. I navigated seven countries and countless cities and saw some incredible things along the way. My year saw me grow in countless and unexpected ways. I’m sure 2016 will be equally as interesting.

May 2016 be a great one for each and all whatever it brings. Thank you for reading.